Product Families Final Submission

Project Statement: Inspired by Turkish “cesm-i bulbul” glassware which is created by inserting colored glass rods into the molten glass, then turning the rods to make twisting patterns, this product family seeks to emulate the visual twist of these patterns but in the structure of the vessels themselves.

The basic form of these vessels begins with a point and a line whose height can be determined with a slider. This line is then divided into equal lengths and a circle is created at each length to give the vessels their circular shape. The addition of the seam component connects the circle vertically, so the vessel’s surface is not solid but instead made up of a series of vertical lines or strands. These strands can then be twisted to give the illusion of the patterns on the Turkish glassware. Along with the degree of twist, the number of strands can be determined with the divide component a slider. This seam and divide sequence is then flipped and two interpolated curved are created so that one set of strands twists in one direction and another set twists in the opposite direction. Having two sets of strands that twist in opposite directions is necessary to ensure that the strands intersect to provide structural support for the vessel. All of these variables are funneled into the cocoon component, which essentially wraps all of these existing geometric elements and gives them thickness.

Using seven key design parameters, this grasshopper definition provides endless possibilities for vessel forms while maintaining the visual and structural twist. The 5 objects that I’ve chosen to print showcase how these variables can be manipulated to create objects that are very different in overall form with more subtle variation in their strand structure that makes them a cohesive collection.






Family Matrix.png

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5 Family Members


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