Assignment 4 – Hidden Wave


The bottom of the vessel forms a topography that can’t be seen from the exterior, like a wave hidden in the vessel, brewing for another change in the this micro climate. If seeing from outside, the interior situation will not be perceived.

The goal of this vessel is to mimic a micro climate of the ocean. Either be a coming storm or serenity of the surface.

Progress Model

Process Model

Final Report

Project 1 – Assignment 1

TWO TWO vessels

  1. Create vertical axis curve
  2. create a curve that cross between two sides of the curve so it create a twist in the revolution.
  3. Use TriB plug in from LunchBox to create the triangular panel for the vessel.
  4. Create two number slides for U division and V division.
  5. Adjust U and V divisions to adjust the shape of the vessel
  6. Add Preview.
  7. Add Swatch to change the color and material of the vessel.