Flying Canopy

Team || Lena Han, Bei Liu, Josh Chen

Mies’ Barcelona pavilion is a symbol of simplified, elegant architecture. Instead of rooms, it is more like an assemble of a couple planar surface in horizontal and vertical direction. It breaks down the elements of architecture and reassembled it into a couple thresholds. If you look from the sky, you see two roof sitting on top of walls, and they are being placed at the two opposite directions of the courtyard in the middle.

The flying canopy is to add a slice of playful element, but still be consistent with the tone of the Barcelona pavilion. The canopy connects those two roofs separated by the courtyard, providing shading area for people in the summer. Then, by lifting up two opposite corners, the canopy got less rigid, less heavy. It looks like a roof with wings and is flying toward the sky.

It makes the whole space uplifting, playful and romantic when the shadow projects on the floor and walls.

Concept diagrams

Tile Design

Unfold Tiles

Connection Detail

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