2D Pattern progress

  1. I made a hexagonal pattern at the beginning of the class and decided to combine it with some techniques that were shown during the lectures. I enjoy the result, but have a technical question how is it actually working since the main component is red??

2. The Rhino preview looks so much better than “view capture to file” :(

Since I had Human plug-in installed it allowed me to customize the lifework preview as well.

Because I combine multiple scripts in one file it generates two drawings at the same time, but I figured out a way to separately control them. One is based on “attractor point example” (above) ad the second one (below) is a more regular version of the grid. Can’t decide which one I like more!

2D Patterning Process

I have 2 questions this week.

  1. How to get rid of the red color and why there is red color?
  2. Why I can’t connect the “attractive points” and “evaluate surface” to the “pull point” together? When I try to connect them, Rhino will crash… But I succeeded to connect them before I add “tween through curves”.
Rendered view
Ghost view
The Second Question