Privacy Screen Update

Initially I wanted to create a script that generated a certain type of minimal surface shape. Doing this proved to be difficult because everything I had been working on used low-poly minimal surfaces that you had to create yourself in Rhino. This did not allow for very much customization within Shapediver. Keeping with the same minimal surface idea, I transitioned to script that creates a networked vault using a set of lines. Now instead of figuring out how to customize the low-poly minimal surface I just had to create a script that customized the lines being used to create the networked vault. This allowed for more customization, however I’m still struggling with how to keep the inputs super rigid, because sometimes the sliders can create a minimal surface that is separated from itself or floating.

My next step it to mess with the actual surface pattern and see if I can create script that adds more customization to the shape and size of the pattern within the actual screen.

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