787 Dreamliner-Jung In

747 Dreamliner-Jung In

Surface analysis

787 Dreamliner

-Line drawing and Surface analysis

Finally, I figured out how to manage curves and surface.

Now, I  became better how can I model these things by many trials and errors.

At first, I hardly handle C-plane, section curves and axis. Then, I practiced these difficulties by making wings and scallops on the engine.

When I build the wing, I moved over to evry 4 views to set up right angle to Dreamliners’ curvy wing. I used section curves and points to get surface one by one. I experience many trial and errors especially this part. At last, I got the perfect figure to the wing, I was able to use every single surface and mesh tool on Rhino.

After that, I tried to trim the scallop-shaped engine part but it did not work. Therefore, I made curves and align 360 degrees to the exact size of the end of the engine. Then, dragged to the surface which I planned to cut off.

Finally, it did work!

These are line drawing of perspective view and surface analysis of the surface.

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