The Man Who Prints Houses

Below is a link for a documentary about a guy wants to use 3d printing as a method for large scale construction.  The possibilities for vernacular based design/architecture are abundant in this kind of process,  reminds me of concepts within adobe architecture by  building  based on the materials available at the build site.

PS follow the links to

I have had some concerns about the evolution of these kind of technologies and the potential economic devastation they could unleash on the trades.  There is much to be considered as we continue to automize our manufacturing processes.  However, D-Shape does highlight a good point Safety “no human intervention means substantially reduced risk of accidents. The building industry is affected by a higher incidence of injures and mortal accidents than many other industries. Severe and expensive safety measures must be constantly applied on the yard during building construction.  D-Shape would lower the costs in terms of both human lives and financially.”  One can see where this could have a trickle down effect for the better.

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