Lighting Diffusing Screens—Bing

I’m living in a room of 12′ x 12′ and there is a window which is 3′ x 5′ in the corner of this room. It’s very simple and maybe needs more interesting elements. So a goal of this project is to make an awesome and surprise visual system. By the requirement, I also need to make these screens can get sunshines in a suitable way whatever the season is. I was inspired by the skin of the National Library in Astona, Kazakhstan. In this library, people inside can get more or less sunshine by the variation of blockings in the skin.

For this project, by using the Egg-Crate’s structure, I translated that skin into horizontal and vertical panels to be their parttern. The delta-like shapes can cut the sunshine to be awesome and interesting shadows. People will feel comfortable when they are looking these shadows. For its function, people can choose how much sunshine they want to get by changing the style and amount of the panels. Blockings in boxes of the parttern can be regulated to be larger or smaller so that different degrees of the sunshine can go through into the room. In winter, they can put less panels with small blockings and large holes into the structure so they can get more sunshine. In summer, they can put more panels with larger blockings and smaller holes so they will get less hot sunshine. This is the way I designed to achive its function and it is also a wondrful visual system.

board 1    board 2

board 3 board 4


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