Coconut Chair Progress

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.56.57 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.56.41 AM

Here are some images of the coconut chair (by George Nelson) and the Rhino modeled chair.
First attempt was through modeling a solid and using boolean (failed), and the second attempt was through making the planes through curves that extruded to a solid cap.
Unfortunately, the way I built the chair in Rhino does not allow me to manipulate in grasshopper (another fail)… Instead of rebuilding the Rhino model again, I will try to pick points and planes on the model through grasshopper and manipulate the following 5 design drivers:
1) extension of the three corners
2) amount of legs
3) width of the chair
4) height of the back of the chair
5) thickness of the chair

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