Surface Pattern – Seal, Edeline, Justin

We initially created the pattern that we wanted to apply to our form found surface in isolation. As you can see in the video, the pattern can be applied to various sized hexagons, the size of the cut-outs can be increased or decreased, and the orientation of the cut-outs in the hexagon can be rotated at increments of 60 degrees. The problem is that this particular pattern is built with brep geometry and cannot be applied to a mesh.

Then we created a new set of components for the pattern in conjunction with our form found mesh. As you can see in the video, we were able to create the pattern so that it the cut-outs could change size and the orientation could be rotated (the goal was to create a gradation of cut-out size using an attractor point and a randomized rotation pattern). However, the file we created was too heavy and we cannot apply the pattern to the whole mesh – we can only use a list item to display one hexagon at a time and change this list item to view the other hexagons on the surface. We haven’t been able to reduce the file.


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