Parametric Seating Project Final

For the parametric seating project, I used Marc Newson’s wooden chair for Cappellini as my parent:LAHR---CAPPELLINI-WOODEN-CHAIRI started by using the surface model I had made in Rhino and referencing it into Grasshopper (I later built two alternate surface models and also referenced them into Grasshopper).


From there I made 4 blocks of code. 1 for the ribs, 1 for the base, and 2 for the horizontal supports:

code-for-ribs  code-for-base


Below are images of my final Grasshopper model:


While building my Grasshopper model, I kept the following 4 design drivers in mind and make sure those elements remained parametric:



(this second GIF doesn’t work in preview, but click on the image above and it will open in a separate window and run correctly!)



Using the above design drivers, I created 5 variations to the original parent:

chair-1-webchair-2-webchair-3chair4 chair-65

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