Parametric Bench

tokyobenchUsing the Frank Ghery Tokyo Bench as precedent I developed a parametric bench that could be fit to any input planar curve (or at least any that I tried – there is probably a curve out there that will break it.)

The Grasshopper Definition allowed the following parameters to be manipulated:

  1. Input Curve
  2. Density of “spine” elements in each section
  3. Rib count (also number of sections)
  4. Seat Depth 1
  5. Seat Depth 2
  6. Seat Height 1
  7. Seat Height 2
  8. Position of defining profiles relative to (t) on input curve
  9. Range of lengths of protruding end spines

Due to what I am currently guessing is a data matching problem the model runs a little heavy, so I did not animate the parameters. When I have a chance to refactor the definition I will document that process here.

Five Family Members

To keep things simple I only manipulate parameters 1-7 (with the exception of #5 where I went CRAZY)









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