Phone Booth / Tile / Tent



My rough plan was to build some sort of hut or tent people could enter to make phone calls or facetime calls or just be with their devices without interfering with the scholarly activity going on around them. I wanted to bring in some geometry I had worked with last semester – a sort of rotating triad of irregular hexagons.


After a lot of back and forth I ended up creating the base tile pattern using the triangle panel tool in lunch box on a simple square surface. I then split the triangles up into groups of three quads using weaverbird’s constant quads component. After some messing around with the points in each quad I had a rough 2d tiling pattern similar to what I was looking for.


Unfortunately the quads were in groups of three which were in turn in columns and I needed them to be paired along their long edge so I could treat them as hexagons.



After a lot of going down blind alleys and one desperate call for help I got them broken up into two a list of paired quads. There are still some holes to patch / irregularities to work out but the basics are there.

From there I dimensionalized and further pushed the character of the hexagons. Which resulted in this:



As you can see, the offset is causing the tiles to separate from one another. This problem was fixed later in the process. The end result sort of surprised me with how organic it looks. I’ve been comparing it to the Wild Things from Maurice Sendak’s book. No doubt the weird eye hole in the back is contributing to that vibe.

f007 f008


And some gifs showing different parameters in action:

a3 a2 a1


The offset issue is fixed. Next steps include redesigning the form finding process, debugging and figuring out how to unroll each cell for laser cutting.

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