Window system

So i wanted to create a system that would control the amount of light that comes in through my window. I was able to model it in grasshopper and then I tried to remap it onto my window surface and I’ve been led to a few stumps.  I have pictures of what i’ve been wanting to do (the original model) and what happens when I try to do it with my window surface. What’s happening?

Original model only made in GH_2reference models in the back_3 ORIGINAL GH MODEL Front View

Side view of original model_5 ORIGINAL GH MODEL Side View

Failure for window to loft_also multiple lines in first row_4 Aftermath of being referenced onto the window. The top row has a lot of layers and the surfaces will not loft like in the original model.

GH Definition:

Code for hexagon

2 thoughts on “Window system”

  1. I think you should clean up the topology of your referenced window surface. Try to organise the list of points to get the right set of points for your reference surface. could you post a better pic/definition to have a look at it? inspirational works btw, big up;)

    1. I’ll try that and see what happens. I was going to make the hexagon from scratch in rhino now to see if I can change the scale and number of hexagon occurrences in the surface in grasshopper. Thank you! Also a picture of the GH definition will be up.

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