Window Screen – Hexagons

Hi All,

So I have my window screen. Yay. The room has a window facing the East which means there’s a lot of sunlight that comes in which I hate, so I wanted to make a screen that would control the amount of light that comes into the space.


Below is the screen I decided to make followed by the definition.

Window image


Design Drivers:

±Controlling the number of Hexagons (Length)


±Controlling the number of Hexagons (Width)


±Controlling the Depth of the screen


±Controlling the Angle of the Hexagon


±Controlling the Size of the Hexagon center holes (Closer to UV = Smaller hole)

Attractor - size of hex hole

±Controlling the Maximum distance from the center of Hexagon


±Controlling the Minimum distance from center of Hexagon


Building a Prototype:

To build a prototype of my screen, I used the unfold tool to laser cut my file. I tried tagging the items but it looked a bit weird as the tags were floating by the objects, but not on them. I just used Illustrator to add the tags to the pieces myself.


Unfolded pieces

1415149559862  Snapchat--7966599030237766992 Snapchat--7356075119314060376

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It would be easier to assemble if I had tabs but I kind of like the way it looks without the tabs. As far as attached it to the window, I would want to attach it to brackets. It’s against the window above. Of course this is at night, so I’ll have to see how it does in the daytime…when it is not cloudy and raining.

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