Seat Model

So I attempted to recreate the Bertoia Diamond Chair… It was definitely a struggle, considering that I have never, ever used Rhino before the start of this class.

Diamond Chair 02.10

I was pretty happy when I achieved the model this far. However, it was missing the most important factor: the diamond shape.

I began with constructing the general shape of the chair.

Diamond Chair 02.10

After more fiddling.. I was able to achieve a close resemblance:

Diamond Chair 02.10

Unfortunately, the seat is still a solid plane with no “mesh,” like the original.

Diamond Chair Left

The factors that I would like to edit are the seat’s deepness (where the person sits), the height of the “arms,” and the length of the chair.. If the gap between the mesh could also be edited I think that would be interesting. (not sure what my limitations are!)

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