Final Seating Assignment

The 3 parameters that I was able to explore with this project was the density of the number of metal mesh pipes that constructed the chair, the radius of the pipes of the chair, and lastly the location of the pipes in the frame of the chair seat…


# of Metal Mesh ranged from 1 to 40

Distance between Pipes ranged from .1 to 1

The radius of the pipes ranged from .1 to 2

Here is the first one… I was pretty happy with how this came out, except I was never able to find out how to trim the object to get the shape I wanted, instead of just the whole area.

Parameter 1

Next I was able to change the radius of the pipes that created the chair…

Parameter 2

Finally, the location of the pipes.. This one came on kind of unintentionally. I didn’t understand this parameter exactly. It involved the “Domain” on the Range button.

Parameter 3

Here is my grasshopper at its best settings:


Final 2D Image

Final 2D Image 2

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