ShuhanDong_Final_Candle holder

Candle holder

Statement: I purpose to create a twist vase at first. The curve and twist shape are very “parametric”. However, to make something different, instead of making pattern on the container, I decided to make some opening on it, turning a container to candle holders. Various openings change the light directions and form various light spots. For the progress of my project, I created a twist shape container and patched some pattern on it. Using parameter to control the shape, twist degrees, branches, even the thickness and the base. To make use of the feature of rhino and grasshopper and to make my project unique, the shape is a twist curve and some parts are missing. So, basically, there are several branches connected to the base. the patterns actually are leaf shape openings. Those make light could go through and follow different directions creating changing patterns. While printing them, I need to make the model fit to print, like changing the thickness of the body to make it stable.

Design Intent:






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