Privacy Screen Midterm and further Development_Wanlu Liu(Lily)

Initial attempts and examples at creating a double star shape. The flat image was created but the main problem last week was that I could not get this shape to become 3D. However, the points are easily adjustable.

This week the main focus is now on creating a 3D curved screen. Instead of setting the points on a flat surface a data tree method is used. The highlighted areas are the adjustable elements allowing there to be different variations of the wall.

Screenshot (39)

Original Star Design (Changeable settings are all at 0.5 and 1)Screenshot (36).png

Variations of the DesignScreenshot (37)Screenshot (38)Screenshot (35).png

Potential Future Variations

This design probably will not be used this time but could potentially be able to make the wall more 3D in future designs. The highlighted area is the controls used to create the effect.

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