Project 2 – Design Development (GROUP BERNITA + MICHELLE)


Screenshot (1).png
Entire Code (but text is too small to view)
Screenshot (4).png
This part was shown in our earlier post. 
Screenshot (5).png
We isolated the bottom shelf so that we could create a piece that folds for a studier base.
Screenshot (8).png
The side tab now folds for a horizontal/flat piece. As seen here. 
Screenshot (6).png
The side on the very left didn’t have a structural support. This time we isolated it (like we did with the bottom piece shown above), by isolating it we were able to create a vertical support so to increase the success rate of our model actually standing. 
Screenshot (7).png
Here you can see the vertical piece we added in. The vertical piece will continue from the horizontal shelf, so it’s actually a fold on the horizontal piece that creates the folded vertical piece now.



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