Ummm… more help please!

The labeling works on the screen itself….


but doesn’t show up on laser cutting unfold when “Ei” is connected to “Item”

and it all shows up as null45

but when “En” is connected to item, there is line-like curve….. so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with “Edges” itself3

and it shows up here:2

also, A0 and A2 (and a bunch of other ones) is line-less but it intersects with other pieces…….

One thought on “Ummm… more help please!”

  1. Looks like two separate problems:
    – Intersection curves not working 100%
    – 2D Labeling not working

    Labeling looks easy enough (develop another way to orient your 2d text), and we can certainly look at the intersection together tonight.

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