Assignment 9

Josh Chen, Lena Han, Bei Liu, Kaiwei Xiong

The lightness of Delight

The lightness of the pavilion is in contrast with the heaviness carried in marbles Mies used in his pavilion. A lot of the materials Mies used in Barcelona pavilion are heavy material with smoothie surface. It is very geometric and rational. To wash out the heaviness and stiffness, we want to bring something delightful into the space.

Thus, the exterior pavilion we created was lightweight, almost like a cloud floating above the water. It is lightweight, and adds more diversity into the space to balance the stiffness. It is made of metal and has several fulcrum points to support the entire structure. Metal surfaces can reflect light, echoing the light reflected by water waves. The interior installation resembles a tree hole, and this shape can be woven with wooden strips. It allows people to interact with it, drill in and out, and experience a richer space.Like joy is the light of life, and the pavilion brings a delightful atmosphere to light up the space.

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