12.19 final privacy screen

ShapeDiver AR Mode

The project explores visual connections between people, which can be a prototypical privacy screen for post pandemic days. It can also be explored in scales that could accommodate different functions in space.

Initially, I was looking into creating a dynamic shading screen system, which would correspond to the sun path (also speaks to my first project: 2D patterning).

Sun Path-Responsive

Throughout the process of this project, from patterns testing to ShapeDiver testing and to material testing, the privacy screen has ended up with a series of modular triangular panels with metal finishes.

In the final Grasshopper script, I introduce triangular shades by using triangle panels tool from LunchBox and then detail the shades with the fillet tool to create smoother edges at all three ends.  Also, creating a sun path system controlled by adjustable sun path angles and the time of the day.  Lastly, in order to control the dynamics of the shading system, I link the triangular panels and the sun path system together with the surface analysis tool and vector tool. Finally, for the final look, using the ShapeDiver preset material to create a metallic and reflective look of the privacy screen.

Final Grasshopper Script

The ShapeDiver AR mode is extremely interesting and helpful to implement this private screen project in real life. By allowing to  adjust the scales and change the parameters of the sun paths, ShapeDiver tool showcases this dynamic shading system successfully and explores further possibility of the private screen, which may be also implemented indoor when the dynamics can be associated the level of sound other than the sun path.

Overall, a fun project and a fun semester. Hopefully, more opportunities to explore parametric in the future. Thank you Ben!

100+ screen iterations

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