Privacy Screen

My privacy screen is inspired by the Physarum polycephalum (slime mold), a kind of mold that doesn’t have brian. Slime mold experiment starts with a point where to place the origin of the mold, then many points of food will be put into the environment. After that, the slime mold will chase the food, and this will generate a path to a certain type of pattern. The pattern generated by them is quite compelling. Through the research of slime mold, it is fascinating that it can form a path that is efficient, even though they don’t have brains. Researchers put them onto the map of Tokyo and surprisingly found that the pattern generated by slime mold is similar to the train system.

Thus, I want to explore this type of algorithm to make a privacy screen. Thinking about the privacy screen, I don’t want it to be a totally private space. Because I think this may cause the fear of the unknown. It is horrible that you walk pass it but not knowing if there are people behind it or not. Respond to this, I have the idea of making it thick at the bottom and thinner for the upper part.

I used Physarealm to create the growth of the mold. Then I turned them into lines and pipes. But because of too many mesh surfaces, I have to change another way to process those meshes.

Then I used Dentro to give thickness to those lines. And another good thing by using dentro is that I can differ the thickness of the lower and upper part.

After that, I found out that after certain growth of the slime mold, another generation of spreading is taken place. Then I started to test the addon by pufferfish. And then change the thickness of the addon. By making them thick, I found that the lower part began to be the part that can be seen through.

Accidental new observation: The AR of the main part of this privacy screen actually hides the mess of my apartment super well.

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