Parametric Seating: Overgaard Dyrman Wire Collection

I choose to use the Overgaard Dyrman Wire Collection Dinining Chair as my base for parametric extension.

Original Chair:

I began by building the model in Rhino, basically projecting points from the elevations of the chair and creating curves between these points. From the curves I created a lofted surface. I used the lofted surface to interpolate curves on the surfaces to create the series of wires that create the structure of the chair. From there I was able to split the lofted surface to create the cushion. The legs were made by projected points from the elevations and drawing curves. At the end, I swept circles around the curves to create the piping.

process1 process2

After the model was built in Rhino, I transferred the construction of the geometry to functions in Grasshopper where I was able to add variable sliders to create different outcomes for the width, cushion density and number of bars.

Parametric family of modified chairs

Parametric Modification of Chair using width, num bars and cushion density:

DRIVER 1: Width


DRIVER 2: Num Bars


DRIVER 3: Mesh Density


chair-family-1chair-family-2 chair-family-3 chair-family-4 chair-family-5

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