Parametric Seating – Voronoi Chair

The chair I chose was the Voronoi Chair.


I started with making the surface model in Rhino and using Grasshopper to apply the voronoi pattern onto it.

Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_03

Because the voronoi pattern can only be applied to a planar surface, it was very difficult to apply the pattern to my curved chair.  I therefore had to create a reference plane.  I created a rectangle in Grasshopper as my surface reference plane to build the voronoi pattern onto. From there, I essentially projected the points onto my organic chair.

Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_06

Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_07

Making my chair such that the polylines were fluid also proved difficult. Many of you may remember my previous result, such that one could die from sitting on it.


I used the Weaverbird tools to create a mesh out of my polylines.

Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_08

Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_04

Design Drivers and Resulting Chairs:

Family chairs_final

I used Grasshopper to control the amount of voronoi points I wanted in the chair, the thickness of my chair, and the width of the polylines.

Number of Points



Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_10 Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_11 Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_12 Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_13 Parametric Seating Voronoi Chair_Page_14

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