Hello All!

I began by building the whole chair in Rhino. By using curves, lofting, capping, dividing, and then splitting the solid to form the final chair.


I redrew the curves for the final chair since I was a bit off in the shapes of the chair as a whole and also the shape of the individual ribs. Above you can see it is rectangular from the front and top views, but I redrew it to have an egg shape, similar to the original design.

Instead of splitting the solid into the ribs. I want to influence the solid to be manipulated in grasshopper with these Design Drivers: Width of Ribs, Thickness of Ribs, Frequency of Ribs, and Direction of Ribs.

First I create the surface as a solid using my curves.


I then draw the legs in RHINO.


Then, in grasshopper I reference a curve in the middle. Apply perpendicular planes to the curve. Deconstruct it. Meanwhile, I reference the surface as a BREP. I apply the perpendicular curves in the boundaries of the BREPPED surface.


I then extend the planes, which I refer to as ribs, in the Z-axis, attaching a number slider to influence the width of the ribs. Extrude with the parameters of the BREP and then cap and voila! Baked and ready to go in Rhino world.

FISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_secondFrequency of Ribs

From here I will post Grasshopper and Rhino chair photos side by side with the drawings. FISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_withThickness of RibsFISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_wafflesamePerpendicular Ribs – Same properties

FISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_perpendicularPerpendicular Ribs – Different properties

FISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_wafflevariedThickness of Latitude Ribs and Frequency of Longitudinal Ribs

FISHBONE_CHAIR_FINAL_yaxisExtend Longitudinal Ribs in Y-Axis.

PDFs of the Drawings Below:

nofeet Model (1) woah Model (1) WAFFLEVARIALBE Model (1) WAFFLENORMAL Model (1) normalthick Model (1) normal Layout1 (1)

Gifs of Each Driver being influenced by Grasshopper as stated below.


Thank you!

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