Lady Bug is flying!

Hello Guys!

Over the Thanksgiving, I tried to “redo” my project, just to see if I can do it and to retain what I’ve learned so far in Parametrics. Testing myself, I suppose. What ended up happening was a disaster. haha! I think it may be my BREP reference that is messed up, but nothing seems to be working, except….LADY BUG! Woohoo!

So I am pretty excited about getting that to work. Small victories shall win the war! (it’s serious like that) So I’ve got June 21, Decemer 21, April 21, and October 21 for my four months of study for my Sky light. I had 2 bounces at first, but none would then bounce out of the skylight, so then i influenced it to 3 or 4. What I am wondering now is the best way to represent skylight sunlight entering my space. It’s not really vector, but its also not really points. Thoughts?





Grasshopper DEF for VECTORS:

skylight well bounce

Grasshopper DEF for DOTS:

skylight well bounce_DOTS

what do you guys think?

Here is the room with my lamp on:



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