Family of Planters 3.0

Family of Planters is a parametrically designed line of planters.

Every plant has different sun or shading needs. People usually use half-shades and screens to protect outdoor plants as well as window pots. These elements are not always well designed, so I am proposing a system where the shade is incorporated to the planter. These products will accommodate 5 different shade requirements for various plant species.

Here you can watch the video of the grasshopper file definition and take a look at the presentation. Enjoy!


Family of Products.005

Family of Products.005b Family of Products.006 Family of Products.007 Family of Products.008 Family of Products.009 Family of Products.010 Family of Products.011 Family of Products.012 Family of Products.013 Family of Products.014 Family of Products.015 Family of Products.016 Family of Products.017 Family of Products.018 Family of Products.019 Family of Products.020 Family of Products.021 Family of Products.022 Family of Products.023 Family of Products.024

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