the Hexagon Hive

Our team’s privacy screen was inspired by static partitions that appear to have movement through their organic and undulating forms.  An important design consideration for us was that our screen not only provided privacy but varying levels of privacy from different view points, therefore adding to the sense of movement and creating variation in the overall screen composition.

We faced many challenges in getting our definition to work successfully.  While it seemed to work on Grasshopper, we printed numerous test models only to find out that this was not the case when attempting to assemble the individual cell components.  Surfaces that were supposed to go together according to the definition did not match up.  We spent most of the project trying to resolve this through trial and error and really working through the definition to identify the problem.  We were beyond thrilled when we finally resolved the issue and our model pieces actually fit together! The definition finally worked!

Because of the problems we encountered and the length of time it took to resolve, we ultimately ended up with a very simple definition with two design variables: cell count and input surfaces.  We experimented with numerous surface types and cell counts and found that a curved surface with a higher cell count was best to achieve the different privacy levels we wanted.

While our final screen does not have the type of movement and undulation as the partitions that initially inspired us, we were able to produce a screen that has the varying levels of privacy that we intended. Overall, our team is very happy with our final project and proud of the challenges we overcame and the work we accomplished.

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