INT731_03_2D Interiors_Ying Huang


2D interiors project

As the first exercise we did by grasshopper, it’s a tough process to understand each component and use skillfully.


The precedent I followed is a 3D surface, it also can be used as a wall pattern. In the beginning, I wanted to make a curved surface with this hexagon and hollow out the circle pattern.  Therefore, my first test used the morph component to hollow out a circle. The first step is making two polygons and boolean difference. The second step is making a curved surface which I can control the fluctuation frequency.



This method works but I failed to get the hexagon shape. The shapes I can get are very basic polygons such as cones and cubes. However, it’s difficult to make a hexahedron.

My second test used ‘Project’ so firstly I used the same surface,  but I tried to project the hexagon shape on the surface. However, I don’t know how to get the hollow circles in the hexagon frame. 幻灯片06.jpg


The third test I used a flat surface… I divide the surface into small grids and get hexagon shape through creating Points and Centrepoint and connect them with lines. Thus I can get the small triangle surfaces. Then I used Offset and get the hollow circle. I also can change their sizes by changing the distance. The next step is using Scale and Move to change the size and position of some ‘special hexagons’ and I used Swatch to change colors. 幻灯片10.jpg幻灯片14.jpg



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