INT731_03_2D Interiors_Yahui Lin


The 2D interior project I designed is a ceiling system project. The material of the ceiling is traditional Chinese brick. My intent is to make each piles of the bricks start to rotate and do series of movement in order to create more amazing ceiling structure. I believe this design will allow visitors have different experiences in both horizontal and vertical directions.

In the final project, I set up 3 lines, which are consisted of 12 x-y-z points, and then I loft these three lines to build a surface. I also create a geometry and morph this box to the existing surface to build a group of boxes. However the surface moves, the boxes will move along with the surface which of course is connected with the 12 points. Then, the twisted piles of boxes start to be same as the geometry in my drawings.

I also build the surface boxes to surround each of the geometry to create some spaces like the real bricks do.

The geometry I create has thousands of alterations because of the different shapes of the surfaces.

I learned a lot from this lecture.


Yahui_Lin_2D INTERIOR2

Yahui_Lin_2D INTERIOR3


Yahui_Lin_2D INTERIOR4

Yahui_Lin_2D INTERIOR5


This is the gif of the family of 25. And below are the 6 functions.


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-45-53-085


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-48-03-860


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-48-31-700


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-48-59-644


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-49-41-613


bandicam 2018-03-05 10-50-02-709




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