INT-731-03 _Jiahan Yu_Final Project

Birthday bracelet

This idea came from the process when I thought about the parameters. They control the final shape and different variable quantities can have different results. It seems like gene and DNA. It is a magic process for us and make us different. Therefore, I tried to use information that has the closest relationship with us. Birthday came to my mind. It’s number so that it is a perfect medium to combine people and bracelet.

I define the day, month and year in grasshopper, which are responsible for the shape and pattern of the bracelet. You can also change the wrist size depending on yourself. The most important of my design is remap, which can help me to control the parameters in an appropriate range so that we can get variable results in perfect shapes. Everyone can get their special bracelet typing their birthday in grasshopper.

What’s more, I tried to print 5 families at the end. It’s wonderful to see my own work in realistic world. However, the process is painful. I need to test the material and thickness in many times to get the perfect shape and make sure there’s no problems in printing process. Fortunately, I get a great five families and I feel this is totally worth it.


Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 5.12.32 PM.png

100 family.jpg


FINAL 100.gif




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