This time, I created a voronoi 3D system to build pen pots as my final project. I was inspired by the precedent images, which illustrate dedicated volumes.

First, I started to build a rectangle and extruded it as a cube. Then, I use the component voronoi 3D to divide the spaces. For this part, because the points are so random, I deconstruct them all into coordinates of x, y and z. I re-construct them by obtaining the value of z and resetting the values of x and y, so that the points with different heights could be all in line in the middle of the cube. Later, I use a component called series to make all the points rotate around the axis formed by all the original points. Once the value of division become larger and larger, more points will gather together in a specific panel decided by the start and the steps. I Boolean difference the cube to make a void volume. Last, I deconstruct the brep into lines; and I cocoon all these lines.

Above is my procedure of grasshopper. I 3D printed my projects with the materials of PLA, strong and flexible plastic and sandstone. I tried them in different sizes. I learned how to 3D print and also know the requirements of this technology.

The development of this product isn’t that smooth going, but I learn to control the variables of my project and design my projects in the specific forms instead of the random ones.
















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