Project 2 – the Design Process

The idea of this kids’ boundary design is to design a boundary with the diamond shapes. The original idea is to form the boundary by crossing several diagonals lines.



First version                                                                           Revised version

However, in the first version of the boundary, I finally choose Tric as the basic shape to form the whole thing.                                                              C.png


After building the boundary, I change the shape of the panel to diamond. Also, use LOFT demand to change the shape of each piece into the curve.jn.PNG

During the process of making the boundary, I revise my design to a diamond boundary with a change of panel’s size from bottom to top.


扫描文3w.jpgFireShot Capture 028 - Start to Finish - Pavilion with Grasshopper Rhino and Lumion - YouTub_ -


Divide the rows and columns on the surface. Then dived the points on these lines. Move the points and make them cross by each. After that, connect the line of these points.

STEP2.jpg  CaS.jpg    d1.PNG             481.PNG





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