Gradation Privacy Screen_Una + Tiffany

Parametrics Final - Tak Ying Chan & Yuting Feng.jpg

This project is designed by two members as a team, developing a privacy screen for children. We first started with individual ideas and concepts and later got together as a group. We were able to find a  common ground within our designs, which is creating openings inside geometric shapes in order to have control over the level of openness and and closeness.

Our concept for this privacy screen design for children is to create a screen that allows gradient in the overall screen surface, so that the changing of geometric openings forms a flow within the structure, providing a change of vision from different angles. The overall shape of the screen is designed to be a semi-circle in order to form a fluid curvature to serve contrast with the rigidity of the diamond shape.

The screen structure is formed by two systems: one diamond grid system and one diamond modular system. The two systems combine into one by inserting the diamond modular system into the grid system in order for the grid to hold its shape of the curvature.

The final design successfully incorporates the effect of a gradient within the geometry, and this effect allows parents to be able to watch their child at an angle, but at the same time provides privacy in the screen space for children from another side.Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 9.10.07 PM.png02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg

Parametrics Final - Tak Ying Chan & Yuting Feng (1).jpg

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