Privacy Screen For Kids_Final_Lynn & Zhuoyun

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Inspired by some of the amazing brick design, we want to form a sophisticated private screen by using a rectangular base unit in a stacking motion like building a brick wall. At the beginning of our designing process, we decided that we are going to use interlocking joins (two slits merging together) to connect all the cards like pieces and placing them in a diagonal crossing composition to increase stability. Moving on, we mainly focused on experimenting with the variation in a different sequence of the rotation angle. At first, we were only able to make a relatively flat surface, but as we were continually improving it, we added the feature of gradient and curved surface which helps to make the partition much more dynamic. When you walk past the screen, just by changing the viewing angle, the parts that seem opaque at first becomes a hollow area that you can see straight through. It is inspiring to be able to explore both on regularity and irregularity of the pattern making. Eventually, we came up with 3 pattern options which are flow (a smooth, subtle horizontal gradient), ripple (two horizontal gradient combined to gather to form a wave-like pattern), and storm (a non-linear, more randomized pattern). It is fascinating that based on such a simple base unit, we can achieve some drastically different outcomes. In terms of the detail of the design, we also thought about using different colors on each side to further enhance the experience of the constantly changing view as well as add a lot more playfulness to it.

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