Product Family Final Post

This project was initially inspired from iron tower which has a intricate appearance and strong wire construction. My intention was to create vessels with multiple functions. In order to do that, I made the project super flexible in regards to the size of the object, points of division, size of openings, density and thickness of lines. As you adjust the variant, the vessel becomes vase, basket, or pen container.

The basic process was to build rectangle frame at first, and then having lines connect among points on all vertical frame lines. It didn’t work when I first tried to build line across the rectangle frame at once. In order to solve the problem, I tried to do four sides individually so it combines branch cross links and points with lines. By adding sliders and curves, it can adjust the size of openings and control the effect of expansion and contraction of the model.

The challenge that I encountered during 3d print was hard to figure out. Firstly, I have to transform everything from surface to mesh in order to print. Because there are too many lines in between the frame structure, I have to adjust the thickness of lines so that it would be able to print. Eventually, I got the physical model printed successfully. Even though it does not look as elegant as the digital one in terms of the material that used for 3d print.






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