Product Family Final_Lynn_The Leaf Vessel

At the very beginning of the project, I had this idea of making a design that is plant-like and consists of organic curves. After some sketching on vessels with curvature, I decided on this horizontal structure that is similar to a leaf. when i first started creating it in grasshopper, I struggled a lot, but eventually, I figured it out. I located the start, mid and end points of the shape, and then built three curves, based on the curves, I was able to get a surface from the loft command. moving on from that, I applied a grid system to the surface and used the cocoon to make it three dimensional. The grid enhanced the visual experience of the curvature a lot which is always a plus. Although the change in the shape is quite subtle, the outcome is still quite satisfying, they were all quite elegant and pleasing to the eyes. However, I encountered an additional problem when I did the first trail of 3D printing, the structure wasn’t able to stand on its own, so I had to go back, changing the three-curve base to a four curve base so that the vessel has a small flat part on the bottom to settle on. The second set of 3D printing was luckily very successful. Overall I am satisfied with the physical model of the design, the grid casts a beautiful shadow and the reflection of the color is also quite nice. The next step, potential, this form can be transformed into a larger scale, to become a chair, a sofa bed, or even an architectural element.

Product Family blog post-01.pngproductfamily gif.gif



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