Product Family – Final

The design of this product family is aimed toward planters. I was inspired by images of existing planters with more of a geometric shape and pattern. I saw potential in using the simplistic geometric shapes to modify and create a new type of pattern. As I was developing my design, I decided to use the same base for all my final planters. This meant that they all have the same size and shape, however, the pattern it produces would be different. To achive this, I used a diamond tiling that enabled me to make a pattern that resulted in holding a bigger shape and held together by a small shape. Depending on the U or V count for the diamond, I was able to generate a variety of patterns that are very different. Because I wanted to make the design a little more exciting, I designed a ‘gradient’ effect, where as the diamond shapes get smaller toward to the bottom; it appears to make the top eventually blend itself to the bottom and creates a blurring between the big and the small.

In the process of 3D printing, I found out that my inital five final products is too thin and it would be too fragile to print. Later, I modified the design a bit further and played around with the thickness of the material more. This made the final 3D printed version of the planters. However, I really wanted to have the printed planters with more of the thinner thickness because I believe that the geometry of the pattern is able to be expressed more in the thinner iterations.


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