Project 1: Assignment 1

The Temple

  • Draw a straight line and make sure it is placed at the center (o,o,o)
  • Draw a curve next the line
  • Then open the grasshopper, placing two curve elements
  • rename as profile and axis respectively
  • Right click the profile element and select “set one curve” for the curve
  • Repeat click the axis element and select”set one curve” for the straight line
  • insect the revolution element and connect with profile and axis elements (profile connects with “P” and axis connects with “A”)
  • Open Lunchbox and put Quad panel on the canvas
  • connect “S” on the revolution panel and “Srf” on the Qual panel
  • add two number sliders for changing U and V division. Two number sliders connects with “U” and “V” on the Qual panel
  • Right click two number sliders and select view. Change the maximum numeric domain to 100
  • Place preview element on the canvas and connect “G” with “Panels” on the Qual panel
  • move the slider under the shape looks good
  • add color to the vessel by adding swatch on the canvas and connect with “M” on the preview panel
  • choose the color
  • After than, right click the preview and click bake
  • go to the rhino and export as OBJ


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