Project 1: Assignment 1

Big Apple Vessel

My Vessel Project – Other Tests

  • Create an axis in rhino and a curve that will rotate around this axis.
  • Create two curve elements in the grasshopper, named axis and profile.
  • Use the axis and curves in the rhino to define these two elements in the grasshopper.
  • Add a “revolution” panel to the grasshopper and input the two curve element.
  • Select the appropriate panel in the lunch box option in grasshopper.
  • Create two “number sliders” and connect them to “v” and “u” on the panel to adjust the values ​​separately.
  • Create a “preview” element that connects to the panel selected in the lunch box.
  • Add color-adjusted element and connect it with “preview” elements.
  • Adjust various values ​​and select different panel effects in the lunch box until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Right click the “preview” element to bake, adjust the perspective in Rhino, and finally export the obj. model file.

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