Project 1: Assignment 1

The Royal Glass

  1. Make a curve and a line as the axis of the curve.
  2. Type “revolve” in Rhino and try revolving them to become a closed 360′ shape.
  3. Then go to Grasshopper and put two curve elements. Do this by clicking anywhere on the blank part twice and type “curves”.
  4. You can easily access to any elements by clicking twice on the blank part of the canvas and type.
  5. Select the Curve and make another copy by Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v so that you have two Curves element.
  6. Rename as one as “Profile” and one as “Axis”.
  7. Then add “Revolution” on the canvas and connect the “Profile” at “P” and “Axis” at “A”.
  8. Then go to “Lunchbox” tab and under “Panels”, choose “Triangle Panels C”.
  9. Connect the “S” at the “Revolution” with the “Srf” at the “Triangle Panels C”.
  10. Add two “Number Slider” and name them “U division” and “V division”. In both of them, put 100 for the maximum value and choose “N” for integer number. Then select “okay”.
  11. Connect “U division” at the “U” and “V division” at “V” of the Triangle Panels C.
  12. Add “Custom Preview” element and connect the “Panels” at Triangle Panels C to “G” of the Preview.
  13. Add “Color Swatch” and connect it with the “M” at Preview element.
  14. Then, choose your color.
  15. After that, right click at Preview and choose “Bake”.
  16. Then, go back to Rhino and Save as .obj.

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