Children’s dome

Aixuan Li, Hanxin Chen, Yang Pei, Yushi Zhao

Children’s dome

“Our design is a large-scale indoor installation, mainly to create a play area for children, while ensuring that adults can see the children. This installation is suspended from the ceiling. The closer to the edge, the lower the height, and children can easily enter and exit. Adults need to lean down to get in. There are dome shape protrusions with different heights inside the installation, and children can play inside as often as they like. But if adults go in, they can only stand upright in certain place that the ceiling is high enough. The entire device has hollows of different sizes to ensure that the adult’s sight is not obstructed. Even if parents does not enter and play with the child inside, they still able to see their child from the hole, ensuring the safety.”

We changed the support method and divided the activity areas for adults and children. The dark-colored dome is taller, mainly for adults, and the light-colored dome is shorter, they are for children.


This installation can also be placed in a swimming pool. It can both block the sun, and create interesting shadow falling in the pool.



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