Aixuan Li, Hanxin Chen, Yang Pei, Yushi Zhao


“Our design is a large-scale-installation, divided into two parts. The first part is indoors, mainly to create a play area for kids. The lower domes are mainly for children, they can easily enter and exit while adults need to lean over. The higher domes are for every guest. There are many openings in different sizes on the installation to ensure that the adult ’s sight is not blocked. Even if the parents do not enter and be with there kids, they can still see them to ensure safety. The second part is above the swimming pool, blocking the dazzling sunlight on the premise of ensuring the scenery of the swimming pool. Both parts of the installation are supported by rotating pillars, and the color of the dome is pink gradient blue from low to high. ”


Part 1


Part 2Enscape_2020-04-27-13-48-21Enscape_2020-04-27-13-48-53Enscape_2020-04-27-13-50-34




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