12.18.2022 Privacy Screen Final

This is the final iteration of the Privacy Screen project. Two hotspots were designed to manipulate the threshold of the screen according to their proximity to the surfaces. Shapediver model grants users the ability to manipulate the x, y, and z coordinates of the hotspots to control both the location and the integrity of the openings based on their intent.

The initial idea came from building a partition that is easily manipulatable, and mass-producible afterwards. Hence, the geometry has been strictly limited to rectangular shapes and some pipes to ensure the ease of production.

The final outcome has turned out the way I’ve intended, but there could’ve been more realism on rendered materials. Although the technology has developed enough that it could be activated using cellphones, the rendering seem to have a way to go.

Something that I could’ve done better on was adding details to make the practicality more fine tuning. Panels were almost being supported by nothing when they were contracted, which pulled back its believability away by a step.

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