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This series of vases is for single flowers. So the bottle mouth is relatively narrow. At the beginning, the part used to fill the water did not touch the ground. It is attached to the top of the vase. But if you do that, 3d printing will not be possible unless I add support when printing and then take it away. On the other hand, if the water-filled part is attached to the top, the hollow at the top of the vase will be filled. This will lose the effect of hollowing out. So in the end I decided to move the water-filled part down and let it stick to the ground.

I printed them myself, so I can move the settings throughout the printing process. At the beginning, the middle part I didn’t connect well to the bottom. Because it is not standing firmly, it moves back and forth during the printing process. So the first time I printed, the middle part was not successful, I had to stop printing and then modify the design.

Therefore, in order to make them more stable, I added a bottom to the vase.

giphySketch (1)2




Overall, I really like the result. And the project was very interesting to do, although it was a bit hard for me to pick up the skill in the beginning.

Canvas at 05;36;43.png


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