Lantern Family

all together.jpg

illumination.jpgMore thoughts behind the product family….

The initial idea for designing the lantern is to use the gap in between the strings to create an ambient environment.  When I went further in the design process, I figured out that not only the light can passes through the form of the lamp, but also can pass through the material that the lamps are made out of. The density of the strings, the levels of the twisting, the repetition of every level, the tight and release of the top surface all tells the stories of how light is creating an atmosphere for the users.

I decided that the light is shining upwards to the twisted lamps to emphasis and to charm with the upward growth of the string. In the final stage, testing with warm lighting with the lamps, the atmosphere becomes soft and almost diluted; space seems to starts to become a linear element to twist, to grow.


final 2.jpg

plan view.jpg

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