Product Family Final Post – Michelle Lei

My product family is a series of necklaces. My initial idea was to work with triangles to create patterns of different density to form necklaces with varying opacity/transparency.

During the midterm presentation, I mentioned the issue where at certain combination of the horizontal and vertical change, the necklace would break into 4 separate pieces, unconnected. After the midterm, the horizontal condition was adjusted to have only even number and this resolved the breaks in the design. Another condition (edge condition), was added into the overall design to help form an edge. With the formation of the edge, it finishes the ends of the necklaces so that they look a little more polished.

The final 5 were selected because they showed the evolution of the pattern design in transparency/opacity the best. I felt these 5 examples best exemplifies my idea and helps to strengthen the product family of necklaces as a series.

Link to presentation

Link to Interactive Thread Report

Dancing GIF
Family Matrix
Initial Sketch
Select 5

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