Product Family — Container

My idea is to design a multi-function container. Usually, it can be used as a vase of dry flowers, sometimes it can be opened to contain more small things inside. The inspiration comes from the pattern of walnut and leaves, which inspires me to design a container with organic shape and idea.




Revised version Capture3.jpg

The curves are designed for a container which can be opened in the middle.

For a better interpretation of the model,  I reset the part of setting in my grasshopper.  I don’t change the demand of my grasshopper too much but focus on adjusting the value of fly.

The items below are the test I made.

revised plot2.jpg

colorful 2.gif   Example : Fly via the value of m+ Diamond and distance

Example : Fly via the value of Mesh UV and distance     Colorful5.gif

Part of Final version : (See the whole thing in thread)

colorful 7 final part.gif


The Original Thread:

The Revised  Thread:


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